CPP Naga Ghost Pepper Seeds

CPP Naga Ghost Pepper Seeds
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Approx: 10 seeds

Heat: 10++/10

We have been selling these seeds for over 10 years with an unparallelled germination rate and incredible quality of fruit both in quality and quantity.  With the right conditions, you could get pods 8-10cm in length with a delicious fruity flavour and plenty of heat.  2013 crop now in. 

Once the plants are established, they will work hard for you, however there are a few tips on germination.  Sow near the top of the seed compost with just a sprinkling of compost over the top - chilli seeds don't like being too deep in the soil.  Keep well watered and also keep them really warm in a heated propagator, on a heat mat or in a  closed plastic bag on top of the fridge at the back where the warm air comes out.  Look after them when they are seedlings, you don't want to stress them at this stage - that comes later when the pods are forming.  When your plant begins to flower, you will need to pollinate them using a paintbrush or cotton bud and just poke the stamens of each flower.  This will allow it to set seed.  When the first fruit appear, pick these off and this again will encourage it to flower and fruit more.  More information can be found at www.chileman.org  

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