New Mexico Red

New Mexico Red
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Origin: Mexico

Heat: 3/10

Info: This chilli gets its name from the state of New Mexico and particularly from around Hatch, New Mexico where they have developed several strains of the NM chilli.  Since the Americans love their chile con carne they have developed many offshoots of this chilli specifically for their chile recipes.  The chile cook off competitions are now here in the UK and a lot depends on the kind of chilli used in the recipe.  Our chilli (the pod not the dish) is sweet and mellow, with undertones of cherry.  As with many of the larger chillies, this one improves with dry roasting before grinding or rehydrating in hot, not boiling, water for 10-15 mins, no longer otherwise they go bitter.  Use in a red chilli sauce and any Southwestern dish.

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