Naga Ghost Chilli Paste

Naga Ghost Chilli Paste
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Heat:  10/10

Info:  How can such a little jar contain such a powerhouse of heat and flavour?  We'd all like to use fresh naga chillies all year round but unfortunately in our climate such things are to be found but briefly for a few short months in the summer and autumn.  However, fear not - Chillipepperpete brings you freshness in a jar! Heat and flavour, that's our naga chilli paste.  Keep it in the fridge once opened and it's good for a few weeks but otherwise, freeeze it in ice-cube trays (G n T anyone? - the N being naga of course) or cover with oil - may I suggest our naga chilli oil? - to exclude the air.  That way you've got it for months.

Vol: 55ml

Ingredients: Naga chillies, a dash of water 

Nutritional (per 100g):  Energy 17.5kcal 73kj, Fat 0.17g of which saturates 0g, Carbohydrates 2.4g of which sugars 2.4g, Fibre 1.1g, Protein 1g, Salt 0.02g

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